A shovel being used in backfilling after tree removal

Complete Your Tree Services with Backfilling in Bloomington IL

Once a tree has been removed and its stump completely ground down, you’re left with a large hole in your property! With TJ Blakeney Tree Service, our job isn’t done once your tree is gone. To help restore your yard, we provide complete and effective backfilling for Bloomington IL commercial and residential properties. From improving the health of your lawn to ensuring your yard is safe, backfilling is an essential service for anyone wishing to remove trees from their land. Our skilled professionals will use quality soil and mulch to backfill any holes left behind from tree removal. If you are interested in backfilling from TJ Blakeney, call us today!

How Does Backfilling Benefit My Yard?

While the largest backfill projects are left up to contractors and construction teams, TJ Blakeney can provide simple yet effective backfilling after the completion of tree removal and stump grinding. Not only does backfilling help keep your yard looking beautiful, but it ensures a healthy lawn, among other benefits.

  • Curb Appeal – The only thing worse than an unsightly stump is the hole left behind after it’s gone! Backfilling is necessary for filling holes and leveling your ground to keep the curb appeal of your property.
  • Safety – Large holes in your yard can be hazardous for anyone crossing your lawn. All it takes is one misstep in or around a hole, and you or someone you love could injure themselves! We fill any holes left behind from tree removal to avoid such incidents entirely.
  • Lawn Health – Although aeration of your lawn helps it grow, holes left behind from ground stumps are overkill! If neglected, large holes in your yard can create opportunities for weeds to pop up and spread, impacting the health and look of your property. A simple backfill can ensure these problems never occur.
  • Prevent Pests – After heavy rain, water tends to gather at the lowest point in your yard. And if the lowest point is the hole where your tree used to be, water can begin to pool there. Unfortunately, standing water on your property can attract rodents and pests and provide a breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects.

Our Backfilling Process

After completing tree services, TJ Blakeley and his team work quickly and efficiently to provide backfill for any holes left behind. Our backfill services ensure:

  • Your yard is level, with no dips or holes to trip over
  • The soil used for filling is nutrient-rich to help facilitate grass/plant growth
  • The area around your backfill is clear of stump-grinding debris
  • The area of backfill is made firm and compact, ready for landscaping or planting

Call Today

After successful tree removal, count on TJ Blakeney Tree Service to return your yard to like-new with expert and precise backfilling for Bloomington IL properties. To learn more about our services, or to request a quote, contact us today at 309-319-0630. TJ Blakeney and his team can meet all your tree service needs!