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A man in a crane trimming branches during commercial tree service in Peoria IL

Keep Up Property Appearances with Commercial Tree Service in Peoria IL

There’s incredible value in having a green, lush landscape for your commercial property; ask any business owner! However, without consistent management or care, your property’s trees can go from beautiful and impressive to ugly and hazardous. Thankfully, proper commercial tree service in Peoria IL isn’t hard to come by. For help shaping, preserving, or removing your property’s trees, count on TJ Blakeney Tree Service.

How Trees Help Your Landscape

Trees are essential to a cool, comfortable and healthy environment. Needless to say, trees’ inclusion on your property is only beneficial as long as they receive appropriate care! With trees dotting your commercial property’s landscape, you can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Healthier Soil – When your trees are healthy, the land and soil they are situated on also benefit. Trees aid in enhancing the overall quality of the land by preventing soil erosion, boosting soil aeration and water penetration, and providing an ample supply of nutrients to the soil.
  • Fresher Air – Trees are not only a source of nutrients for the soil, but they also produce clean oxygen, which can improve air quality. If you are concerned about the environment or live in an area with poor air quality, planting healthy trees can be a natural way to combat this issue.
  • Cooler Temperatures – A tree’s shade on a hot summer day can’t be beat! Multiple trees have the effect of absorbing heat and blocking sunlight, which helps to cool your property. Thus, with healthy trees, your employees and clients stay cool, happy and comfortable.
  • Less Noise – Trees can block more than just sunlight. You may have to deal with noise pollution if your business is near a busy intersection or highway. This is why many commercial properties use trees as a buffer to minimize noise and reduce noise pollution.
  • Greater Stormwater Management – Heavy rainfall could lead to flood hazards if your commercial property doesn’t have an effective stormwater management system. However, having healthy trees can aid in stormwater management as they can capture and store rainfall in their canopy and facilitate water absorption in the soil.

How Can TJ Blakeney Help?

As important as trees can be for your property, you require effective commercial tree service in Peoria IL to ensure they’re cared for. Thankfully, TJ Blakeney has all the equipment and crew you need to manage your property’s trees successfully. From trimming to removal, we offer our tree services when you need them most! Such services include:

  • Tree Trimming – Maintaining the health of your trees involves trimming them regularly, which includes cutting the branches that are either dead or overgrown. Trimming also eliminates any dangerous branches hanging over buildings or walkways, ensuring the safety of your employees and customers.
  • Tree Removal – In certain circumstances, replacing or removing trees that have become hazardous or unsightly may be necessary. TJ Blakeney is skilled in the careful removal of trees, taking precautions to minimize damage to the surrounding lawn.
  • Storm Damage – High-speed winds and heavy rainfall can impact the condition of your trees and cause additional damage to your property. If such is the case for your business, allow TJ Blakeney to provide storm damage cleanup, helping cut, trim or remove problematic trees.
  • Land Clearing – When expanding your business or redesigning your landscape, the trees you have might not be part of the equation. With help from TJ Blakeney, the trees from your land can be quickly and efficiently cleared.
A man trimming some branches while performing Commercial Tree Service in Peoria IL

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It’s never a good idea to neglect the condition of your trees for your commercial property. Ensure your trees stay green, healthy and lush with expert commercial tree service in Peoria IL from TJ Blakeney Tree Service. To learn more or schedule a quote, call today at 309-319-0630. We are located at 904 Kingsley St, Normal, IL 61761.