Tree Trimming Peoria IL

A man performing tree trimming in Peoria IL

A Healthy Yard Starts with Tree Trimming in Peoria IL

Are maintaining the beauty and health of your yard important to you? You’re not alone! Lawn care is top-of-list for most homeowners every season. However, while caring for your lawn and garden, what attention are you giving your trees? That’s right; even your trees need proper care to ensure your yard stays in top condition. Thankfully, with experts like TJ Blakeney Tree Service, tree trimming in Peoria IL is only a call away!

What Can Tree Trimming Do?

Tree trimming isn’t just for appearances. There are a multitude of added benefits that simple tree care can provide. And with help from TJ Blakeney, you can take advantage of those benefits yourself! Thanks to tree trimming, you can expect:

  • Removal of Hazards – As your tree grows, it can sometimes grow into less than convenient locations. For example, branches hanging over your home or electrical lines are a danger to your property! TJ Blakeney can help by removing or trimming back branches to be out of the way of potential hazards.
  • Prevent Disease – Once disease takes hold of your tree, it can be difficult to recover. Thankfully, with seasonal trimming, most tree diseases can be detected ahead of time and prevented from spreading. All it takes is cutting dead or rotting branches that are infected.
  • Let Sunlight In – If gardening and lawn care are important to you, so should your property’s access to sunlight. Trees that have become overgrown can block a significant portion of sunlight from reaching the rest of your property. By trimming the worst of your tree’s growth, your yard opens up to more light.
  • Improve Overall Health – Ultimately, tree trimming aims to preserve the health of your tree and your entire property by extension. By trimming your tree, you can help your tree preserve more nutrients, cut away dead limbs, prevent sickness, etc. For trees that bear fruit, trimming helps improve the quality and growth of said fruit.
Tree trimming in Peoria IL being done to prevent damage to electric lines

Our Tree Services Don’t Stop!

Tree trimming in Peoria IL isn’t the end of TJ Blakeney’s tree services. As a full-service tree company, we help residents throughout Central Illinois manage the trees in their yards, whether providing care, cleanup, or removal. As such, our services include:

Talk with Our Team

Sometimes, all your yard needs is a little tree trimming in Peoria IL to spruce it up! Find exceptional tree trimming and care through the professionals at TJ Blakeney Tree Service. To learn more about our service or request a quote, call 309-319-0630. We are located at 904 Kingsley St, Normal, IL 61761.