Storm Damage Bloomington IL

Storm damage in Bloomington IL that knocked down trees on vehicles

Clean Up After Storm Damage in Bloomington IL with Help from TJ!

Severe storms can be detrimental to the condition of your property. Power lines can be knocked down, windows blown out, and debris thrown around your yard. Worse still, trees or branches can be pushed into your home, causing extensive damage. No matter the state of storm damage to your property, TJ Blakeney Tree Service can provide the help you urgently need. We provide tree trimming, removal and cleanup for storm damage in Bloomington IL and the surrounding communities.

Do You Need Professional Storm Damage Cleanup?

No two properties are affected the same by storms. If you’re lucky, you can escape severe storms relatively unscathed without damage to your property. However, even if damage to your home seems minimal, hiring a professional to handle it is incredibly beneficial. Thanks to tree removal experts like TJ Blakeney, you can expect:

  • Large-Scale Services – Depending on the storm’s severity and your proximity to trees, there might be more to resolve for your property than a few dead sticks and branches. When large limbs, branches and trees fall into your home due to storms and wind, only tree service companies like TJ Blakeney have the equipment and experience to safely remove these hazards from your property.
  • Reduce Damage Potential – If already suffering from storm damage, the last thing you want to do is damage your home further! However, if managing clean up yourself, further damage is precisely what you risk. As tree removal experts, TJ Blakeney understands how to remove trees from your property without causing more harm.
  • Identify Future Concerns – At first glance, a tree can seem relatively undamaged after passing storms. However, there are some issues storm damage can cause that aren’t immediately apparent. For example, limbs and branches might be “barely hanging on,” risking future damage if left unchecked. Thankfully, TJ Blakeney can identify such problems and ensure they don’t impact your home.
  • Convenient for Property Owners – Clean up after storm damage in Bloomington IL takes a lot of time! However, as crucial as securing the safety of your property is, you don’t have time to waste. That’s why businesses and homeowners turn to professionals like TJ Blakeney for managing quick storm damage cleanup.

Our Other Tree Services

While storm damage cleanup is an essential service TJ Blakeney provides, it isn’t the only thing we do! As a full-service tree company, we dedicate ourselves to the care of trees for properties throughout Central Illinois. Our trucks, cranes and additional equipment can handle the toughest tree jobs you throw at us! Our services include:

A man cutting a tree from a distance that was affected by storm damage in Bloomington IL

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If you face storm damage in Bloomington IL to your residential or commercial property, don’t manage the cleanup yourself! Instead, let the professionals at TJ Blakeney Tree Service take care of your storm damage concerns. To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact us at 309-319-0630. We are located at 904 Kingsley St, Normal, IL 61761.